A Bari went down to the river
And sang his part on the bank
The sound that he heard , It depressed him
So he jumped in the river and sank

He came up once and he gurgled
He came up twice & he cried
The sounds in the water, he liked them
But He almost sank and died.

He then took an elevator
In a highrise in Tucson town
He sang a Bari note or two
And thought he should jump down.

He stood on the ledge & he warbled,
Tried to sing, yes he realy tried.
He liked his voice from the high rise..
Yes he almost jumped and died.

But the Bari, he's still here a livin,
If you listen you can hear his cry-
He told me you can stop him from singin
But you , ain't gonna see him die.

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