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Ministry to the Divorced & Separated
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PATHWAYS is published quarterly by the Council for Ministry to Divorced and Separated, under the sponsorship of the Department of Parish Life & Ministry of the Tucson Diocese. The purpose of this publication is to facilitate communication among those who minister to the divorced, separated, widowed and others who have suffered a significant loss. Our secondary purpose is to inform, educate, inspire, entertain and share. Subscriptions are free but small donations are encouraged to offset the cost of printing and mailing.

Please make checks payable to:

The Department of Parish Life-Tucson Diocese

Mail to: Diocese of Tucson, P.O. Box 31., Tucson, Az. 85702-0031.

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Articles concerning divorce & separation, grieving, parish events & announcements, poetry, etc.,
may be sent to:

Tom Mc Gorray-Editor,
Tucson, Az. 85741-9139.

(Telephone 520-297-7878
Fax: 520-297-9092


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