Two incidents relating to possible suspects have not been resolved. The case was worked as a Bureau Special after the body was discovered. No positive information was developed in spite of investigation and reward offers, nor after SA MILLER made pleas on local TV and Spanish language stations . Efforts to have the case presented on National TV programs met with no success. Soon after 5/29/73 an elderly Hispanic woman reported seeing a female answering LEESA's description attempt to escape from the presence of two males on the night of the disappearance. This incident occurred at the intersection of Hughes Access Road and Old Nogales Highway South of the Tucson Airport. The woman was reinterviewed under hypnosis 5/21/79 (REPEAT 1979) described the female as LEESA and gave additional details regarding the males and vehicle. No identifications resulted. On 7/6/73 an anonymous collect caller from a telephone booth in Detroit, Michigan who behavioral SAs at Bureau later believed to be a sincere young black male, offered to "Tell where they are" in a later call to SA MILLER at home. The caller was never identified.

In 1990 Detective DON CAHILL, Prince William County, Virginia, made GREGORY RICHARD BARKER as the subject of a 1982 murder of victim HILDA ROCHE. CAHILL's investigation placed BARKER as a former Viet Nam vet, assigned as a civilian employee at Fort Huachuca on 5/29/73 and worked near the Garden Canyon area. CAHILL believes BARKER to be a probable serial killer who buried his victims in shallow graves. His investigation also lead to making BARKER as the subject of 3 ten year old Las Vegas bank robberies. "Unsolved Mysteries" ran a segment on BARKER concerning the ROCHE case on 4/24//91. The program concluded by stating "BARKER is also a suspect in killing the daughter of an FBI Agent in Arizona." BARKER was arrested as a result of the program by FBI Agents in Phoenix, Arizona 4/25/91. On arrest he said "You got me" and asked for an attorney. He has made no other statement. BARKER was tried and convicted in Federal Court on the BRs. Thereafter he was returned to Virginia where the only real evidence developed by CAHILL was a footprint of the victim's shoe developed from inside the trunk of BARKER's car. Nevertheless, BARKER plea bargained a sentence of 50 years to avoid the remote possibility of a death sentence.

BARKER finished serving his Federal sentence at the Federal maximum security facility in Florence, Colorado in February, 2003. He was transferred to the custody of the State of Virginia where he is currently incarcerated as Felon Number 199179. He will be eligible for parole in about 2024. Barker was said to have had a girl friend in California, but reportedly received no visitors, no telephone calls nor correspondence at Florence. He finally agreed to take a lie detector exam in January, 1997, after admitting that he was at Fort Huachuca when LEESA was murdered and that he had "heard" of the case. Otherwise he has denied any knowledge or participation in the murder. The FBI conducted the exam. The report was that BARKER "showed deception." To date no evidence has been developed to connect BARKER to LEESA'S murder, however in 2003 FBI Director Mueler affirmed the case will remain in an open and active status until resolved. Former SA Miller continues to offer a personal reward of $10,000 for information leading to the identification and prosecution of LEESA'S killers. .