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The Tucson Chapter of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI has assembled a broad selection of information and history regarding the Tucson Chapter, the National Society, and the FBI.

All information in this home page is unclassified, and is provided for educational purposes. It covers the most commonly asked questions about the Society, the Chapter and the FBI. You may refer to or download the information as often as you like. You also, for example, may quote from it in articles and reports.

There are, however, some things you cannot do: you may not use the information, photographs, or the image of the FBI Seal for any commercial or unauthorized purpose; sell FBI information in whole or in part; convey the impression that you are associated with the FBI; or imply that the FBI has endorsed or approved a product or service.

The Tucson Chapter is pleased to be a part of the Information Superhighway. We invite you to visit our World Wide Web site regularly, as the selection of information will change from time to time, and thanks for dropping bye.

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